Secondary Transfer 2020/21

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to the restrictions and regulations put in place to help combat the spread of Coronavirus the process of applying for secondary schools looks different this year. The majority of schools are not offering ‘in person’ tours. However, nearly all of the local schools are offering virtual tours and other creative ways for them to give you a flavour of what they feel their school offers. Whilst this can never replace the experience of visiting a school in action, we would recommend you spend some time looking at what they have on offer here. There will be differences in the style and approach to the way schools have chosen to present what they feel best encapsulates what is special about the school. Within these differences of approach will lie some of the key values and ethos of the school.

We are intending to use this page to bring together as many of the key documents, dates, virtual tours and information as possible. In a time when it is not possible to access schools, we recommend that you talk to other families who have been through this process and have children in any school that you are interested in applying to. The secondary schools in Lewisham are generally of a very high standard and, if this is your first experience of sending a child to Year 7 and beyond, try not feel overwhelmed by the process.

As well as talking to other families, please do come and speak to someone at school, if you feel you need support or advice with any aspect of the application process. We are here to help.

You can make an appointment to meet regarding the application process. You can do this by phone 020 7639 0436 or by email


  • 23rd October 2020 – Lewisham’s preferred application date. If you have a relatively straight forward application process – i.e. older sibling already at a school, you live well within a catchment area, etc, then, you may be able to complete the form by the ‘preferred’ date.

However, do not panic as the official deadline for applications is:

  • 31st October 2020 – all forms should be completed and submitted by this date, at the latest.


A Short Film – Starting Secondary School in Lewisham

A short film, produced by Lewisham Council to show what starting Secondary School is like in the borough.

Lewisham – Applying to Start Secondary School this Autumn

The booklet, produced by Lewisham and given out to all Year 6 children, containing information on all Lewisham schools.

Lewisham Schools Open Day/Virtual Tour Information

Here, you will find links to all of the Virtual Tours and information about all of the Secondary Schools in the borough.

Online Application

This is a link to ‘eadmissions’, which is the portal for the online application process. See the guidance below before you start.

Guidance for Applying Online 2020

This document offers some guidance to the online application process.

Map of Lewisham School Places Offered Last Year

This map tool can be a very useful guide. Enter your postcode to see whether your address would have been in a given school’s catchment area last academic year. Please Note – this can only be used a rough guide as the catchment area differs every year and can be smaller or larger depending on the range of applications received.

Below are links to our neighbouring boroughs’ secondary school application websites:

Southwark Council Secondary School Information

Greenwich Council Secondary School Information