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The Role of the Governing Body

The Edmund Waller Governing Body provides strategic leadership and accountability for the school.

Its main functions are to;

  • To provide a strategic overview that ensures the pupils learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards
  • Act as a “critical friend” of the school by providing the Executive Head, Head of Schools and staff with support, advice and information and monitor and evaluate to school’s effectiveness and promote the interests of the school and pupils.
  • To ensure accountability. We are accountable to parents, pupils, the community, the Local Authority and Ofsted

It is also responsible for many important decisions in the running of the school. These include:

  • Appointing the Headteacher and Associate Headteachers. Governors are also involved in the appointment of teaching staff as appropriate.
  • Agreeing the aims of the school curriculum and ensuring the national curriculum is implemented
  • Determining how the school’s budget is to be used each year
  • Dealing with official complaints and exclusions

Our Governors

Our governing body includes:

  • 1 governor nominated by the local authority;
  • The Headteacher;
  • 1 elected staff governor;
  • 3 elected parent governors; and
  • 6 co-opted governors

This document defines the structure of the governing body: Edmund Waller Instrument of Government

The staff governor is elected by the staff and normally serves for 4 years.

The parent governors are elected to serve the Governing Body by parents of the school and normally serve for 4 years.

Parent governors are pleased to hear about views and ideas and can be contacted in writing via the school office.

The co-opted governors are invited onto the Governing Body, by the Governing Body, to add areas of expertise and to represent the local community. We use a robust set of skills audits to ascertain the requirements and expertise required by the governing body. Co-opted Governors are appointed to serve for 4 years.

A full list of the governors as well as information about their appointment, committee membership, attendance, and the Register of Business interests is available below.

Anne Rennie – Headteacher


Ms. Rennie has been the Headteacher here at Edmund Waller since September 2020.



Byron Barrett – Staff Governor


Mr. Barrett is Edmund Waller’s Music coordinator and is key to our fantastic music provision. He was elected staff governor in July 2020.



Arjun Medhi – Co-opted – (Chair)

Arjun1“I served as Parent Governor at Edmund Waller from May 2016 and since my term ended, I was co-opted in October 2020. I enjoy volunteering as a Governor; even experiencing an OFSTED inspection! I want to continue to contribute to this fantastic school, be part of its community and help make a difference. My background is in banking and government sectors where I specialise in compliance and risk. And just like my daughter, I love hip hop music and Tottenham Hotspur!”

David Kenington – Parent (Link Governor for Resources, Health & Safety, Premises)

Dk ewgov“I became a parent governor in June 2019 and my son and daughter attend the school. I am an academic researcher, undertaking post-graduate research University College London, focused on energy use in buildings and its impact on climate change. I also work as a researcher for central Government departments, focused on evaluating energy and climate change policies. I bring a broad range of skills (strategy, communications, business planning, HR and finance) generated from leading a research business and academic research activities. I have a passion for education and sustainability, and will bring these skills to help the school become even more fantastic than it already is.”

Loesje Macrory – Parent (SEND/Inclusion Link Governor)

Loesje“I am honoured and delighted to have been elected as a parent governor in October 2020, and am very much looking forward to working with the school to support the best interests of each child in its care. With two children at Edmund Waller, I am fully invested in the school’s caring, creative and supportive community. I want to help nurture everything that makes it so special, whilst working hard to support improvement where it is needed.
With 12 years experience as a teacher, mentor and leader in a wide range of schools with different strengths and challenges, I believe I am very well placed to do this.
I am the Early Years Leader in a lead school for outdoor learning in Lambeth, have presented to LSBU students on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, pioneered effective systems for supporting early intervention to ensure that no child ‘slips through the net,’ and hold an NPQSL.”

Trish Dooley – Co-opted (Curriculum & Outcomes Link Governor)

TrishBW ewgov“I am a co-opted governor and feel very privileged to be working with and representing Edmund Waller School. I am a former deputy head teacher of 4 large London secondary schools, one in the neighbouring borough of Greenwich. I was originally a Maths teacher and am now retrained as a leadership coach. I do much of my coaching in education, though not exclusively, coaching leaders at all levels. I remain passionate about education and am an advocate for ensuring all young people access the best opportunities a school can offer.‚Äč”


Sam Brown – Co-opted Governor (Marketing, Communication & Engagement Link Governor)

Sam B (241x301) (123x150)“I am a co-opted governor and am excited to play my role in ensuring that Edmund Waller is a place where pupils and staff thrive. I have had a long interest in public policy, previously working abroad for an intergovernmental organisation. I am now a Civil Servant and bring experience of policy development and strategic oversight.”



Local Authority Governor – Isar Bhattacharjee (Finance Link Governor)

Isar (136x150)“I was delighted to join Edmund Waller as a governor in the first half of 2021. I work as a consultant in the Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, where I’ve worked on strategy projects, digital transformations, financial scenario planning projects and governance programmes across the private sector, the public sector and third sector organisations. I am particularly passionate about education and evidence based early years interventions, and I am excited to support Edmund Waller wherever I can.”


Liz Stone – Co-opted Governor (Safeguarding Link Governor)

Image 6487327 (138x150)“I joined Edmund Waller as a co-opted governor in July 2021. I have worked in education since 1985 , mostly as a teacher and in the latter years of my career as a head teacher. I am now working as an adviser supporting schools within Lewisham with school improvement. I am passionate about improving young people’s life chances through education and enabling pupils to reach their full academic potential, develop high levels of emotional intelligence and a lifelong love of learning. I believe it is paramount that schools are safe and stimulating environments, where pupils and their families feel valued and respected. I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to such a caring, creative and successful school community.”

Governors’ Details

Each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months

C. Boxall* Headteacher N/A N/A   Resigned 31/08/20
G. Exon LA LA 27/02/18 4 – 26/02/22 Resigned 31/08/20
D. Absolom Staff Staff 01/05/18 4 – 30/04/22 Resigned February 20
B. Barrett Staff Staff 20/4/20 4- 20/4/24 N/A
D. Kenington Parent Parents 05/06/19 4- 04/06/23 N/A
A. Medhi Parent Parents 01/07/16 4 – 30/06/20 co-opted governor from 01/9/20 N/A
J. M. McMahon Parent Parent 29/06/18 4 – 28/06/20 N/A
S. Stuttard Co-opted GB 12/12/17 2 – 11/12/19 re-appointed 01/10/19 Resigned 31/08/20
C. Steinmann Co-opted GB 12/12/17 2 – 11/12/19 re-appointed 01/10/19 Resigned 31/08/20
K. Franklin Co-opted GB 02/10/19 2 – 02/10/21 N/A
T. Dooley Co-opted GB Re-appointed 01/7/20 2 – 01/07/22 N/A
J. Sakil Co-opted GB 17/07/18 2 – 16/07/20 Associatefrom 1/07/20
R. Ghosal Co-opted GB 16/07/19 2- 15/07/21 N/A
E. Delaney Associate Member GB 16/06/20 2- 16/06/22 N/A


NAME 01/10/19 1712/19 11/02/20 16/06/20 01/07/20 14/07/20
C. Boxall Y Y Y Y Y Y
G. Exon Y X Y Y Y Y
D.Absolom Y X Y Resigned February 2020    
D.Kenington Y Y Y Y Y Y
A. Medhi Returned to the GB February 20   Y Y Y Y
J. McMahon Y Y Y Y X Y
S. Stuttard Y X Y X Y Y
C.Steinmann Y X Y Y X Y
R. Ghosal Y Y X Y Y Y
K. Franklin X Y Y Y Y Y
T. Dooley Y Y Y Y Y Y
J. Sakil Y Y Y Y X Y
B. Barrett Appointed April 2020     Y Y Y



Name Name of Business or Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
C. Boxall EHT N/A N/A N/A None HT – Edmund Waller School
Anne Rennie Employed at the School Headteacher N/A September 2020   06.11.20
Byron Barrett Employed at the School Music Coordiantor N/A April 2020   07.11.20
Kate Franklin Director/Co-owner of White & Lime & Nkuzi Change Company Director N/A Re-appointed October 2019 Resigned March 2021 03.10.20
Trish Dooley Self Employed Coaching & Consultancy Coach and Consultant N/A Re-appointed July 2020   09.10.20
Arjun Medhi (Chair) Breeze, Bollin House Banking Client Consultancy N/A Appointed September 2020   04.10.20
Stephanie Schiller Slaughter & May Law Firm Trainee Solicitor Partner of the son of the Clerk to the GB October 2020   05.11.20
Djaffar Ziriat Beormund Primary School SE1 Class teacher N/A Appointed October 2020   28.10.20
Rhea Ghosal Anglo American PLC Business Development Specialist N/A Sept 2019   03.10.20
Joanna McMahon (Vice Chair) Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Strategic Business Partner N/A June 2018   04.11.20
David Kenington Working Research Research & Evaluation Consultant N/A June 2019   03.10.20
Loesje Macrory Heathbrook Primary School Early Years Team Leader N/A October 2020   03.11.20
Jacob Sakil Lewisham Council and Dessert Company & Consultancy Lewisham Council Young Mayors Team

Companies American Bites and Connecting Conversations
N/A July 2020 Resigned March 2021 09.11.20
Eugene Delaney Spotlight Sports Group Ltd B2B Director N/A June 2020 Resigned March 2021 09.11.20
Isar Bhattacharjee Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group Management Consultant Public Sector N/A March 2021   07.05.21
Sam Brown Department of Transport Policy Advisor   June 2021   05.05.21