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PGL day 5

Final night disco, final day's activities - this time with added thunderstorm.

Well, the school disco was great fun. Some fantastic outfits and incredible dancing meant we signed off after having had "the best night of my life," according to one child. 

Then this morning, another child asked if we had to leave today - but that was before the torrential rain, thunderstorm and hail storm, so some of us are definitely happy to be on the coach home. Having said that, the activities this morning were great fun. The children have worked together all week, but solving problems when being pounded with hail or slipping in the cold wet mud is another level entirely. Once again, they didn't give up, and even managed to enjoy themselves. The other activity of the morning was possibly the most fun - certainly for the adults - as we played archery tag, which is exactly what it sounds like - shooting padded arrows at each other. Think dodgeball but with a bow and arrow. 

One final lunch later and we are now on the coach on the way home - damp, tired, looking forward to some home comforts, but very happy at a successful and fun-filled week together. See you on Monday!