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Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 1

Year 6 arrive for their first day at Windmill Hill.

15:55 - Arrival

After arriving at the centre, everyone eagerly found their bedrooms and unpacked their luggage.


Tom, our group leader, took us on a tour of the site. We got a preview of all the activities we have to look forward to: canoeing, problem solving, Aeroball, archery, orienteering and more.

17:45 - Dinner

At last, it was time to eat. Everyone was very hungry and enjoyed what was on offer (forgot to take a picture, sorry).

19:30 - 20:30 - Campfire

We gathered around the fire for a singsong and some roasted marshmallows before heading back to the rooms for a well-deserved rest.


21:30 - Lights out

Children quickly settled down for the night. All seemed quiet.