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  • Science Week Posters

    Published 24/03/23

    Scintillating Science!

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  • Climate Champion Crossing Crusade

    Published 17/03/23

    Climate Champion Win!

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  • EW Snowballs!

    Published 12/12/22

    Fun in the Snow

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  • Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 5

    Published 11/11/22

    The final morning at Windmill Hill included another lovely breakfast, team games, climbing and fencing.

    Everyone had a wonderful time.

    See you soon!

    Thumbs up all round!
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  • Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 4

    Published 10/11/22


    Morning Activities




    Sensory Circuit - using all senses except sight to navigate the environment


    Afternoon Activities


    Feta salad and dessert. Dinner already eaten by the time the photo was remembered.
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  • Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 3

    Published 10/11/22

    Wednesday at PGL - another action-packed day for Year 6.


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  • Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 2

    Published 09/11/22

    Desert and Tundra classes enjoy another action-filled day at PGL Windmill Hill.

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  • Year 6 at Windmill Hill - Day 1

    Published 07/11/22

    Year 6 arrive for their first day at Windmill Hill.

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  • Come and See Our School

    Published 26/09/22

    Are you looking for a place in reception for your child in September 2023? If so, we would love the chance to show your our amazing, inspirational early years setting.

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  • Music Activities Start 26th September - Apply Now!

    Published 06/09/22

    Applications are now open for music activities. Parents may sign up from now until Wednesday 14th September.

    Everyone will need to reapply for music activities, even if your child was a member during the last academic year.

    1:1 piano students need not reapply if they intend to continue.

    The form can be completed using this link:

    Read more about Music Activities


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  • Isle of Wight - Day 4

    Published 01/07/22
      Osborne House Last day on the beach. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…. Last night party. Letting go, Joe and Mikey steel the spotlight at the karaoke.
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  • Isle of Wight - Day 3

    Published 01/07/22


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