Year 5 Remote Learning Hub

Year 5 Self Isolation - Thursday 19.11.20

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are well and enjoying the new learning each day. So… by the looks of things yesterday, the ‘pun-wars’ are on! Which teacher is in the lead so far, I wonder? Will Miss Case take the lead tomorrow? Why not have a go at writing some of your own biome-themed puns yourself and share them in our next Zoom meeting? Or should I say, “write a fish pun yourself; don’t leave it to salmon else!”

We’re also keeping a close eye on all the Doodlers out there … Which class will reign over the leader boards today?

Mr Jackson, Ms. Case & Ms. Winter – Year 5 Team

Year 5 Self Isolation - Friday 20.11.20

Hello Year 5!

Good morning and we hope that you are all well. Do you have your odd socks on today to show your support for anti-bullying week? Please have your sock designs ready to show during this morning’s Zoom session – we look forward to seeing them! Not a pun but a joke today: What did the hat say to the sock? I’ll go on ahead and you go on foot. Well done on your hard work this week – we are really proud of you! We are all missing you very much. Have a lovely, restful weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Ms. Case, Mr Jackson & Ms. Winter – Year 5 Team

Year 5 Self Isolation - Monday 23.11.20

Year 5!

Happy Monday. Just 4 days to go and we’ll all be back in school on Friday, 27th November. We hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy today’s learning. See you all in Zoom’land later.


Mr Jackson, Ms Winter & Ms. Case.

Year 5 Self Isolation - Tuesday 24.11.20

Hello again Year 5!

Welcome to Tuesday’s learning. We’d like to say a huge well done to all of you for logging on each day and for joining us in the Zoom meetings. You’re doing really well and we are extremely proud of you! Remember to keep ‘Doodling’ … which class will win Mr Jackson’s trophy? There are only two more days of learning from home until we’re back to school. Can you work out how many hours that is? How many minutes is it? What about seconds?

See you in the Zoom room!

Ms. Winter, Ms Case & Mr Jackson

Year 5 Self Isolation - Wednesday 25.11.20

Hello Year 5,

We hope that you are well and enjoying your home learning – it’s only a couple of days until we will be back in school… we cannot wait to see you all and to get back into the routine of class learning. Remember to challenge yourself with your learning and to check through your writing for spellings and the correct punctuation. We have some fun practical activities planned to reinforce your perimeter learning when we do return! Have a great day and we will see you soon.

Ms Case, Miss Winter and Mr Jackson

Year 5 Self Isolation - Thursday 26.11.20

Hello Year 5,

So, this is our final day of home learning – well done for working so hard over the past two weeks and for keeping going to the finish line. We have learnt new skills alongside you! Enjoy your learning today and make sure to re-visit ‘The Storm Whale’ or ‘Adrift’ ahead of your English lesson in school tomorrow. Have fun practising your presenting skills today ahead of your drought campaign! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Ms Case, Mr Jackson and Miss Winter.