Year 1 Remote Learning Hub

Remote Learning - w.b. 22.03.21

Hey Year 1 gang,

After last week’s technological breakdown, it’s the return of the Hub! Here you will find a video of the class teacher explaining the attached slides. Within the slides you will find links to the maths learning, spellings and key vocabulary that the children will cover in class, as well as some topic links for you to have a look at.

As ever, we are philosophical about how much work you do at home! All we ask is that you take a moment to watch over the video and use it as the basis for a discussion about the upcoming learning.

Next Friday (26th March) will see the last set of resources posted here for the Spring Term. In next week’s videos and slides you will find out more about the new summer topic for each class.


The Year 1 Team

Remote Learning - w.b. 29.03.21

Dear Parents/Carers/Learners

As we come to the end of the spring term, this is the last set of resources we will post. In this week’s video and slides you will find news about next term’s new topic. Take a moment to watch and find out what your child will be learning about when they return to school on Monday 19th April.

During the spring holidays, try to find out a bit more about the key points of the new topic. What are the key dates? Who are the most important figures and what are the key events and facts associated with the new learning. No need to do any written work (unless you want to) but a conversation with an adult at home will put you in the perfect place to start the new summer term in style.

Thanks from all the teaching team for your support in making the return to school so successful for so many of our learners. Have a great break and we look forward to hearing all about what you have found out, when you return to school.

Remote Learning - 23.04.21

Dear Parent/Carers/Learners,

Welcome back to the summer term. With restrictions being slowly lifted and a blast of spring sunshine, there is a real feeling of optimism around the school. The children have settled back into the routines of the school day in an assured and confident manner.

This week, all year groups have started their new topic learning. On this page, you will find a new video from the class teacher. This video has some information about next week’s learning. There are some links to English, Maths and Topic and a list of the week’s spelling activities.

Please take a moment over the weekend to watch the video and see what excitement lies ahead for the week.


Remote Learning - w.b. 03.05.21

Parents/Carers & Learners,

A very happy Bank Holiday to you all. Let’s hope the weather holds for us all. You will find here a lovely new Loom video of the class teacher talking about the upcoming learning. You will notice a change this week – we have set all children a maths assignment to do. The majority of these will be set via MS Teams and you will need to login to your child’s account as you did during the lockdown period. The video contains an explanation of what the task is and the maths entailed. Have a watch and give the assignment a go!

Thanks and happy weekend.

Remote Learning - w.b. 10.05.21

Dear learners, parents & carers,

This week certainly feels like it has flown by. As you will hopefully know by now, we are setting a single weekly assignment for the children to complete over the weekend. The class teachers will have spoken to their classes about their expectations for when and how the work is completed. You will find the assignment by logging into Microsoft Teams, using your child’s login details. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you need to get a copy of these login details.

On this page you will find a video of the class teacher giving some information about the task and the learning involved. There is also some information about what the class will be looking at in next week’s lessons.

We hope you all have a great weekend and will see you next week.

Remote Learning - w.b. 17.05.21

Knowledge is Power!

This week’s Loom video has further information regarding our brand-new knowledge organisers. These have been introduced to support all children with the topic learning. We are keen to develop the children’s vocabulary and increase the precision of the vocabulary they use.

One key thing we are aiming to improve are the links our children make between individual topics; seeing them as interrelating and exploring the actions and events which inform what came next or were informed by previous events.

There is a task set within Teams relating to the knowledge organiser for each year group.