At Edmund Waller, we are keen that all children learn to express themselves in ways that are inspiring and creative. During their time at our school, the children will be encouraged to develop their own confidence in their ability to contribute to performance-based work. Role play and drama are fundamental to a child’s exploration of the world and their place in it. This starts at an early age, with role play and character-based interaction at the centre of the learning within Early Years. Our staff work hard to continue this as the children move through the school. As such, drama, freeze frames, character studies and more besides are woven through the curriculum. This is not only seen in English, but also within work across the entire curriculum.

Public Performance

As well as supporting their academic work, performing to the public is an important part of this journey. Children at Edmund Waller regularly perform in a public setting. This can vary widely from concerts at the local church to the awe-inspiring stage at the 02 London to performing at the world-renowned Queen Elizabeth Hall. We are always looking for new ways to broaden our learners’ experiences within this field. We have seen the transformational effect that this kind of work can have and are committed to ensuring all of our children have the opportunity to perform.