As part of our commitment to the depth and breadth of our learner’s education at Edmund Waller, Art and creativity are central to our curriculum. The art curriculum is not an add-on to the core curriculum but has been carefully mapped out to ensure progression and development of the children’s skills as they go through the school.

Most topics have a key art unit which integrates fully with the theme of the topic. The children revisit key skills and media as they progress through the key stages. At the end of their time at Edmund Waller, we aim to produce children who are confident and accomplished artists, who are encouraged to explore and experiment and to define their own way of expressing their artistic side.

During their time at our school; children will learn to work with clay – we are one of the few schools who have their own kiln; learn how to mix any colour of their choosing from a key palette of powder paints; experience weaving with wool and other materials; develop their observational skills – always using real-life objects and develop the confidence and skills to realise their concepts and ideas independently.

As part of this, we are committed to the professional development of the staff and regularly have training to ensure that the classroom practitioners have the expertise to deliver this exciting curriculum area.