Year 5 and the Roman invasion of Britain

To round off our history topic about the Romans, Year 5 recreated a few major dates of Roman history in Britain, which as you can see from the video, are almost entirely historically accurate.

Having made our own Roman and Celtic shields, and practised some Roman military tactics, we re-enacted the failed invasion by Caesar in 55 BCE, the successful invasion of Britain by Emperor Claudius in 43 CE, and the Iceni rebellion led by Boudicca in 61 CE. While perhaps not showing the fabled Roman army’s discipline, our year 5s made up for it in enthusiasm and enjoyment.

The Romans landing on British shores for the first time
The Iceni rebellion confident before their defeat at the Battle of Watling Street in 61CE
Legionaries in the tortoiseshell formation
Celts with their shields and warpaint
Legionaries in a defensive orb formation

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