Suggested Timetables

This morning, you will find suggested timings for your child’ school day, for years 2 and upwards available in the Year Group Team.

We appreciate that the amount of work coming from school can feel overwhelming BUT we have been directed by the Department for Education to provide 3 -5 hours of work a day!

We want to make it very clear that, other than Teams/Zooms etc., the timings here are purely a suggestion as to how you might structure your day – there is no compulsion to adhere to them, we fully understand that there will be days when this simply doesn’t happen ; )

2 thoughts on “Suggested Timetables”

    1. Hi,

      The image in this post is purely for illustration – the timetables for each year group are available via their year group Team.

      Hope that helps.

      Mr. Absolom

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