#Hashtag Snag

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Over the next 2 days you will receive your login for your child’s Microsoft Teams account. This will allow them to participate in live teaching, upload work and enjoy other resources. Whilst we are very excited about this, we have been made aware of a potential issue that could prevent you from accessing the accounts. 

There is a slight disconnect between the automated London Grid For Learning (lgfl) system that generates the passwords (mostly 6/7 characters long) and Microsoft Teams system which needs an 8 character password… 

Therefore, most children have 6/7 character passwords, which, unaltered, will not allow them to access Teams! Never fear, there is a work around – we need the children to make the rest of the password length up to 8 characters, using #hashtagsto fill the missing spaces: 

paint5 (6 characters – including the numeral) becomes paint5## 

crayon8 (7 characters – including the numeral) becomes crayon8# 

If the password is 8 characters (or more) long, then you do not need to make any changes. 

This information is included in the letter that contains the passwords, but we wanted to signpost it as clearly and loudly as possible, to avoid any frustration and confusion. 


Mr Absolom

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