Headteacher’s Email

Please find below the text from an email from Ms. Rennie regarding school reopening this week:

Dear parents and carers

As you will know, primary schools in Lewisham have been directed to remain closed to the majority of pupils due to the extremely high COVID 19 infection rate within the borough. It is understood that this decision will be reviewed by the government on the 18th January.  The advice is,  where possible,  parents should keep children at home. Only children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils can attend school. Please read the attached letter very carefully and complete this questionnaire if you think your child is eligible for a school place.  We have been advised that in two parent household families where only one parent is a critical worker, children should be kept at home as this will help to reduce infection rate more quickly.

We will be in touch tomorrow with further information about provision for all children during this period.  Thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.

Best wishes

Anne Rennie

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