Finding the Work…

As we prepare for an increasing number of families relying on the website for information and work, we thought it would be useful to point you in the right direction!

In the navigation bar at the top of the Home Page you will see ‘News & Diary’. Select this option and you will be taken to the Year Group pages. Here, you will find the home learning tasks, set by each year group team.

One thought on “Finding the Work…”

  1. Hi, this is for Miss Jones. 3E
    Thank you for uploading home works everyday. I really appreciate your work!! Otherwise, my children would be on media all day…..
    I have noticed some of the answers you gave today 25 March is not correct. (I think the answers from this Monday’s home work) I was marking the work with your answers and told my son to correct his answer, and I was told off! (Hahaha!) it was good I can see he understands the questions and could explain how to though. Hope you are doing well on your side and hopefully see you soon!

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