🌍Happy Earth Day🌏. 🌼FUN with DANDELIONS🌼

There’s so many dandelions around at this time of year. They have such lovely yellow petals and because they’re a weed no one will mind if you pick some. Next time you go out for a walk, collect some and bring them home. Here’s some ideas of what you might do with them. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards!

You could order them by length tallest to shortest.

You could arrange them in a pattern. Long short long short…

You could make different shapes and patterns with them.

You could practise your scissor skills by cutting off the stems.

You could collect lots and fill a jam jar with them to make a dandelion potion.

If you feel the flower it’s so soft. But if you smell the flower it’s quite unpleasant.

If you’re really curious you could take the flower apart and see all the different pats of the flower including the pollen.

Interestingly dandelions are a symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side! How lovely 🌼. I hope you have fun with dandelions

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