🌈What is blossom?

Have you seen the lovely blossom in the trees. If you can, pick a little bit to have a look at closely, or you might even find a stem on the ground.

This blossom has a sweet smell, white petals and yellow pollen.

I’m going to dissect (take it apart) it to find out more…..

The pollen is inside the petals and this is what needs to be cross pollinated by bees so that it can start to grow into fruit.

Once the petals fall away the ovaries start to swell and this becomes the fruit. This film on you tube shows how the ovary swells to become the fruit.


Can you do a drawing of the blossom? Remember to look really closely and only draw what you can see.

Or you could use a straw and some watery paint to make a cherry blossom picture. You need to slow the paint across the paper. Then you could dab the cherry blossom on using your fingertips or scrunch up tissue paper like this.

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