🌈 Time for some counting

Have you got some Lego or duplo at home. If so you could try this maths sorting and counting activity.

When we talk about one to one correspondence we are thinking about children using one number name for each object counted. It’s so beneficial for children to count by touching each object when they are counting large groups. Children are also taught to count things that can’t be seen or moved, like jumps or claps.

We often sing this song at nursery as it encourages children to clap a specific number of times.

First you might like to do some sorting. I’ve sorted by size of piece. Can you think of another way to sort your pieces? Now you can start to make some towers.

This activity will help children to visualise quantity and compare amounts.

If you sort them by size and colour you can compare quantities.

Now you can order and group them by their quantity. Which one is there the most of? Which one is there the least of? Are there any that are the same quantity?

Next can you order them from the most to the least.

When the towers are arranged like so children will find it much easier to make comparisons.

How about separating them into colour groups and then estimating which will have the most. After that you could stack them up and see which tower is the tallest.

You could do some calculations.

Take ten pieces that are three different colours. Then sort and stack them together.

4 and 4 and 2 makes 10

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