🌈 They’re growing!

Here is today’s caterpillar update. They are getting much bigger and also they’ve slowed down. They’re not wriggling about as much.

This is a close up shot. You can see that the caterpillars body is split into parts and that they have many legs.

Can you see that they’ve eaten lots of the food that was in their pot, and they’ve spun lots of silky webs.

The little black bits are were they’ve shedded parts of their body.

I wonder why they’ve stopped wriggling so much. Why do you think this might be?

Here’s my caterpillar diary for today…..

I also notice that they like to be at the top of the pot. I wonder why?

Did you listen to the very hungry caterpillar being read by the author Eric Carle. Can you remember any of the things that the caterpillar eats?

You could have a go at drawing your own very hungry caterpillar. Or you could use card, tissue paper and glue.

I didn’t have any green tissue paper in my fun pack so I used purple instead.

You will need to use scissors to cut out some ovals to make the caterpillars body (abdomen) And then you can choose a different colour for its face and feet.

Don’t forget to send in your caterpillar creations to homelearning@edmundwaller.lewisham.sch.uk 🐛

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