🌈 Saying goodbye to the butterflies

I took our butterflies into school today to show them to the children in the reception bubble and to set them free in the Edmund Waller playground.

We waved the butterflies off and wished them good luck. Luckily they were all really good at flying.

We all hoped that the butterflies would land on our hands, but they flew in a circle and then took off into the trees.

We hoped that the butterflies will stay in the playground and lay their eggs there so that we can see lots of painted lady butterflies when you’re in reception next year.

Can you remember the different stages in the butterfly life cycle?

Can you draw them? Here’s an example…..

Egg Caterpillar. Chrysalids. Butterfly. Egg.

On the 30th July the wonderful butterfly house at the Horniman reopens. Here’s the link in case you’d like to go….


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