🌈 Looking after bees 🐝

Did you plant your seeds for bees? How are they growing. Mine are nearly ready to flower.

Do you know why bees are important?


Sometimes bees need a helping hand, when they’ve run out of energy. If you notice a bee that’s struggling you can make them a sugary nectar. This bee landed in my garden and here it is drinking the sugary nectar. We couldn’t believe how clearly you can see it drinking.

This website has interesting information about bees. https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/animals/insects/honey-bees/

I’m going to go on a walk around my neighbourhood and see if I can find plants that bees like.

I heard lots of buzzing in this plant. When you go outside today can you have a look for any bees. You will see that there are many different types of bees.

You could use these pictures to help identify different types of bees

Ps…. I’ve just heard that today is the start of The Big Butterfly Count. Here’s the link to the website. You have to count and identify the butterflies that you see in 15 minutes. There’s an app or a sheet to download. https://bigbutterflycount.butterfly-conservation.org/


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