🌈 Journey sticks

What is a journey stick?

Well it’s essentially a memento of a nature walk with items that you’ve collected whilst on the walk. These might be twigs, leaves, seed pods, flowers, feathers, anything natural that you find on your way.

When I spoke to everyone this week lots of the parents said how much their child loved being outside whatever the weather. I remember that so many of you love collecting and creating things, and also how many of you love sticks!

To make a journey stick you will need to find a good stick and when you go on a walk, collect some things that you found along the way. You will also need something to attach it with, such as a pipe cleaner or some string.

Of course, children will need to be aware of what they can pick and what they can’t and might need a reminder.

Here’s my collection from my walk

And here’s my sticks, I’m not sure which one to choose.

Now start by attaching them using the pipe cleaners to secure them to your stick.

Gradually add more and more objects

And then you might like to wrap some ribbon around your journey stick. I really loved making my journey stick. I might use it as a wand!

I would love to see pictures of your journey sticks! Please send them to homelearning@edmundwaller.lewisham.sch.uk and we’ll put them in the gallery!

I wonder if you know the names of any of the items that you found. I found a buttercup, some cow parsley, a dandelion, some bark, a sycamore seed pod, some lavender and some rose petals.

This is a story all about a stick who makes friends with a stone.


Can you remember some of the things that stick and stone do together?can you recall any of the places that stick and stone go?

There’s lots of rhyming words in the story. Can you find the works that rhyme with:






Don’t forget to take a picture of your stick and send it in! Happy creating!

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