🌈 Hammering!

This activity will need a good deal of adult supervision but is a really good way to develop hand eye co ordination, as well as strengthening hand muscles.

You will need some bottle tops, some nails, a smallish or lightweight hammer and a length of timber. If you don’t have any timber you could use a tree stump.

We’ve done some woodwork at nursery so some of the children have an awareness of how to hold the hammer and how to tap the nail in.

If you make the holes in the bottle tops then children can then hold the bottle top to tap the nail in. They should start slowly then they can build up to some strong hammering. by holding the bottle top they’re able to keep the nail steady without hurting their fingers.

One of the areas of the physical development curriculum is concerned with children using tools carefully so most children have an awareness this.

If you don’t feel like letting them lose with a real hammer, there’s always tap tap which has similar benefits.

And here’s a link to little rabbit foo foo, all about a rabbit who doesn’t use his tools safely!

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