🌈 Getting ready for Reception

One of the lovely things about teaching EYFS children is how much we get to know them and to know about them.

With this in mind I thought it might be useful for our nursery children who are moving on to reception to prepare a drawing about themselves to help their new teacher to find out about them.

It’s worth thinking about what they enjoy most at school. What they enjoy most about home, who are the important people in their lives and what they are most looking forward to about reception.

If we were at nursery, we would have spent a good deal of time talking about reception.

Now that the children have found out which class they will be in it’s worth remembering that Reception has free flow play meaning that the children can play together, inside their own classes, outside and in the other class. It’s very sociable and there’s lots of opportunities to make new friends.

Here’s an idea for your all about me booklet. I’m going to fold a piece of paper into 4 squares like this. You might want to give your child one piece of paper to do each drawing on or you might want to scribe some of their ideas.

The reception teachers say that they’d love to see your drawings. You could pop them into the office or send to homelearning.

Here’s some pictures of our two reception classes at Edmund Waller and the garden too.

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