🌈 caterpillars day 7

Lots of changes today and some maths for you

There are 2 chrysalids hanging , and 2 have fallen off and 1 is still a caterpillar. How many are there altogether?

I might draw that out. It’s a bit of a sum.

Can you show it on your fingers 2 and 2 and 1

What about if there were

Can you make a sum for 6 caterpillars or ten caterpillars. You could make up how many are hanging and how many are still caterpillars.

πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ›. πŸ› remember that the total will always be ten

I was a little bit worried about the caterpillars that have fallen off but the people at insect lore said that it would be ok. I need to put them on some kitchen roll into the butterfly garden and they should be fine. I think I will do that tomorrow!

Eventually the last caterpillar shed its exoskeleton and there are now 5 chrysalids. Here’s my caterpillar diary for today

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