🌈 Caterpillars day 6

Well I’m really glad that Carlos managed to have a look at the caterpillars yesterday because today the caterpillars are quite fragile.

They are climbing up to the top of the pot and starting to hang down. Now we have to be careful with them. I’m not going to be able to move the pot as I don’t want to disturb them.

Can you see the caterpillar that’s hanging. He will be the first to change. He’s already hanging in a j shape. Next he will shed his exoskeleton. Soon all the caterpillars will be changing into chrysalides.

Now three of the caterpillars have crawled up to the top of the pot, and they’ve attached themselves to the filter paper. What do you think they would normally hang from? I think they’d hang from leaves. I wonder if there’s any caterpillars hanging from our trees in the nursery garden.

Oh no. I’ve just noticed that the first caterpillar has turned into a chrysalid but he’s fallen down. I wonder what I can do.

I’m going to do my caterpillar diary and have a think about rescuing the poor chrysalis

I hope you’ve managed to draw the caterpillars today. They’ve grown and changed so much already. They are almost ready for the next stage in their development.

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