🌈 Bicycles 🚲

Thinking a bit more about traffic. Did you do the traffic survey? I wonder whether there is more traffic on the road today? You could do it again and see how many more cars there are.

Lots of children have their own bike or scooter. Do you know why bikes are such a great way to get around?

Have a look at your bike. What different shapes can you see.

What shape are the wheels? What shape is the frame? How many triangles can you see on your bike? How many circles can you see?

Here’s my bike. I can see lots of circles. Can you find the pedals, the brakes, the saddle, the handle bars.

I’m going to look closely at my bike and draw a picture of it. You could draw a picture of my bike or you could draw your own bike. Look closely at the different shapes and how they connect to each other.

Can you write the word bike

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