🌈 An exciting arrival

The summer is always the time when we spend lots of time exploring living things in the garden and thinking about life cycles. We would be watching our plants grow and mature, and noticing all the mini beasts that visit our garden. With this in mind a package arrived for us today..

I wonder what’s inside? Are there any clues on the box?

It says butterfly garden. I wonder if there are butterflies inside. Let’s open it and see.

I can’t see any butterflies but there’s a pot with something wriggling around. Let’s have a look

Can you see them. They’re tiny and black and they move quite fast. Do you know what they are?

That’s right. They are tiny caterpillars

Let’s take a closer look….

Can you see all five of the caterpillars? 1 2 3 4 5

I wonder what the brown sludgy stuff is at the bottom of the pot?

What do you think it is. It looks like they’re eating it. I think it’s their food.

Apparently it’s mashed up nettles.

Here’s the link to find out more information and to answer any questions that you might have.


Now, looking closely, how about we make a caterpillar diary so that we can remember how much they’ve changed.

If you fold a piece of paper into four and then draw a cup, with the food inside, then you can draw the five tiny caterpillars

Here’s mine….

I’m going to keep a caterpillar diary and share it with you each day so that,together we can watch the caterpillars grow and change.

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