🌈 3 little butterflies

Well, after much waiting the butterflies have almost all hatched out of their chrysalids.

Our butterflies have really enjoyed the sunshine today. They’ve been feeding on the buddleia and drinking nectar. Sadly one of our butterflies had a damaged wing.

I took a picture so that you can see her closely. Maybe you could have a go at drawing a picture of her.

We are still waiting for one butterfly to hatch….. I wonder when it will start. I’ve been checking it all day and it’s chrysalid has turned quite dark….once the last butterfly hatched I will have to release them in a couple of weeks they can go and lay their eggs.

Last year there were hundreds of painted lady butterflies spotted in Scotland. This link gives information about them….


This is a life cycle film and you can see the caterpillar metamorphosis in good detail.


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