Year 6 @ 3pm

Have you ever wondered what happens in a school 20 minutes for the end of the day? Some people might assume that this is the time the children start winding down…

Not here! Having been around the school this afternoon, there was nothing but classes and children still engrossed in their learning.

In year 6, the two classes had been learning about classification and using branching diagrams to sort sets of (plastic!) animals effectively.

Year 6 Area Work

Hard @ work in Year 6

As we all settle into the routines of school once again, Year 6 are getting back to work. This week, year 6 have been looking at the relationship between area and perimeter in their Maths work.

The children have been using formulae to find the area of shapes and are going to be looking at how to find the area of shapes such as triangles and trapeziums.

Back in the mix – Year 6!

Hello – there was a palpable sense of relief as the gates opened across the school site this morning. For many of the children, this was the first day in school for over 8 weeks.

The school sounds – and feels – like a very happy place and any signs of anxiety seem to have evaporated during the course of the day. Mr. Absolom has zipped around the school to capture a few photos of each year group hard at work!

Year 6 Gallery

Stone Age House – Rosemary roof!

Hola Year 6! Never fear the home school nightmare is almost over! No more Teams, no more frozen teachers and no more of Mr Absolom’s yellow hatted video recordings!

This is the lovely new year 6 blog. Over the next few weeks/months, we will be using this to showcase some of the daily achievements of the learners in Tundra & Taiga classes. We look forward to showing people at home a bit more of what happens in the classroom.

The year 6 team are currently busy preparing classrooms and planning for the safe return of all learners on Monday (8th March). Until then, we have prepared a small gallery of the work submitted :

Sere you next week.