Topic (otherwise untitled)

Taiga class working wall (note the Darwin corner)

Our Topic is evolution. Charles Darwin (a lá head honcho) is our main man, the guy who discovered it. At first, people thought he was ri-diculous. In truth, he was frightening them with the novelty of his discoveries. But in fact, he was completely correct! Unfortunately, this was the time when everyone believed the bible,and no-one was open to his ideas.

Skulls of animals long since dead.

We have studied fossils to give us an idea of what came before the animals we see today.

Children in Need Day – Whole School Photos!

We’ve all had a fun, fantastic, spotty and yellow day raising money for Children in Need. Well done everyone for all your efforts! Take a look at our whole school community photo gallery…

Prospective Parents – Virtual Visits Coming Soon…

We are very proud of the education that our children get and the opportunities that every learner has access to in their time here at Edmund Waller.

We really want to share this with as many new families as possible and we have been receiving inquiries about how people can visit the school to see it for themselves.

Due to the times we currently live in, we cannot offer actual tours of our wonderful school. However, we are working on creating a virtual tour, which will give you a flavour of what we have on offer here.

In the meantime, why not check out our incredible ‘Virtual Summer Concert’ to get a feel for the ambition and drive we have for all of our children to participate and succeed.

Need a Little Help?

These are difficult times for everybody. However, if you are finding the financial strain a challenge, you may qualify for support from Lewisham Council.

Follow the link above to find out more information about the support available.