Music Clubs

We are very happy to be able to offer Early Birds Music Club and Choir again.

Early Birds Music Club – Starting Thursday 30th September

Running each Thursday morning before school, Early Birds is a chance for beginners to start learning a new instrument in groups.

For half of the session, children learn in a group tuition class by playing level.

For the other half of the session, children have a general musicianship class which varies across the year and includes singing, rhythm work, notation exercises, improvisation and some ensemble playing.

Children are admitted at 8:00am into Rosen Hall, then split into their music tuition groups. Classes end at 8:55am and children go straight to their classrooms.

£65/term for tuition; £20/term for instrument hire

Choir – Starting Wednesday 13th October

The choir is for children in Year 4 – Year 6.

The choir performs at external events throughout the year and is suitable for any child who enjoys singing. This year, we already have the Spirit of Christmas event at Sloane Square in the diary.

Choir takes place in Lloyd Hall. Children will be sent to choir directly after school. Parents should collect their children from the main entrance on Waller Road at 4:30pm.


Sending Emails

Dear parents/carers,

As we return to school, parents understandably have many questions about a wide variety of topics. We wanted to clarify the most efficient way of getting an answer to these enquiries. We are attempting to reduce the volume of emails being sent to the main office as they cannot possibly have all the answers, particularly to class related questions. This, combined with the high number of emails being received, is leading to us being concerned that our families will not be getting the answers they need within an acceptable timeframe.

Below are the best email addresses for a variety of enquiries – the examples given are a best fit and cannot cover every eventuality, please use them as guides.

For the time being, the main office will still be available by appointment only. Please use one of the following email addresses:

General class/learning related enquiries:

Questions about curriculum, home learning, PE kits etc should be sent to the email address that corresponds to your child’s year group:

Nursery –

Reception/Year 1 –

Years 2 & 3 –

Years 4, 5 & 6 –

These email addresses will be checked weekly.


For questions regarding inclusion and Special Educational Needs, email the following address:

This address will be checked daily and a response sent within 3 days of receipt.

We would ask you not to contact staff members directly, teachers will not respond to emails that are not sent to one of the addresses listed here.

If you feel your enquiry is urgent then please send to the main email address:

Please think carefully about where to send your email as it will allow us to get the most accurate information back to you.

Gate Arrangements – September & Onwards

Please find below the details for start times and arrangements for the start and finish of each school day. See you from 8:50am Friday 3rd September.

Start of the Day: 

  • All four gates (Cooke Hall, Walsham Road, Rutts Terrace, Waller Road) will be open each morning at 8.50 and they will be staffed by SLT and support staff.
  • Y1-Y6 will have a ‘soft start’. Children can come in from 8.50 but they must be in class by 9.00am.
  • Children will head straight to their classrooms, where class teachers will be present ready to greet them.
  • The gates will be locked at 9.05am.
  • Children only can access the school site in the morning (no adults in the playground)
  • Children can use any gate to enter the site
  • Nursery will start @ 8:45am using the Walsham Road Nursery Entrance.
  • The four gates will be open between 8:50am and 9:05am
  • Teaching Assistants will be stationed in the playground to ensure children get to their classrooms’ safely.

Home time:

  • Main gate will open @ 3:20pm for collection of Reception children
  • Remaining gates will open @ 3:25pm
  • Gates will be locked at 3.40pm
  • Each year group will come to a dedicated zone in the playground
  • Parents can enter and exit through the entrances shown below to collect their children from the playground
  • We will continue to encourage parents/carers to exit the site as quickly as possible.