Celebrating Diwali

This week we have been finding out about Diwali. We know that Hindus people all over the world will be decorating their homes with flowers and Rangoli patterns and that Hindu people will also be visiting their temple.

We have decorated our playground with Rangoli patterns and we have made our own model of a Hindu temple. Outside we have been making clay diya pots.

A busy morning in the garden

Thereโ€™s so much that happens every day at nursery, especially outside in the garden. Childrenโ€™s involvement in their play is an indicator that they are using the whole learning environment well and that our planning is responsive to this childrenโ€™s interests. It also helps us see that children are developing good learning dispositions such as autonomy and high self esteem.

This panorama demonstrates the childrenโ€™s high level of involvement in their play.