Year 5 at Stubbers – Day 2

The moon shines over tents as everyone finally settles to sleep in the early hours

Good morning

What beautiful sky!

Rather than let the day and the wonderful weather go to waste, many year 5 children decided to get up around 5am to run around and play football.

The early birds on the pitch

Once everyone was awake and dressed, and awake, we headed down to the canteen.

8:00am – Mr Hill leads the hungry crew to breakfast

Enjoying the delicious hot and cold breakfast options



Morning Activities Begin

Group 2 and 4 getting ready to paddleboard
Group 4 on their XL paddleboard

Caleb hands out the buoyancy aids
Drying off in the sun after a morning of fun in the water

Lunch Time

Sandwiches, potato, salad, fruit and a treat. Everyone still very much enjoying the food 🙂


All fuelled up and ready for more, groups 3 and 4 went up against each other in an orienteering challenge!

The long walk up the hill to the orienteering start point

The two groups of children went alone to find points set out in the map, using nothing but landscape features and as their guide.

Rolling back down seemed more efficient. And fun.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork challenge games

Laser Tag – Rumours are that Ms Silverton was absolutely ruthless

Dinner time

That cookie was a beautiful experience.


After dinner, everyone has a hot chocolate, a biscuit and a tidy up. Then it’s off for free play for the rest of the evening.

Enjoying the playground

The perfect place to watch the sun set

All is quiet at the campsite again. Everyone tucked in.

One more day to go.

Arrived! Stubbers Day 1

Year 5 finally got to begin the eagerly anticipated residential at Stubbers today.

We enjoyed a warm welcome from the staff, found our tents and bunks, and got settled in time for dinner.

Sooooo excited to be here!
Mr Hill saves the day by ridding a tent of an intruding arachnid. He’s now rumoured to be considering a career in pest control.
Tucking into dinner
All-important food shot. Very tasty so far 🙂
Dinner discussion: “Can 42 really be the meaning of life?”
First chance to get onto the football pitch after dinner. And finally the sun is coming out!

Taking it easy for a while in the quiet tent accompanied by some smooth jazz.

And now to end the evening with some entertainment.

Strings is Out!

Strings, the last Year 6 Opera project, is now available to rent or by on Amazon.

Those under 7 years old might find some parts scary.

Our current Year 6 project will be screened at Genesis Cinema on Wednesday 20th July.

Tickets are not yet available, but we will let you know when they are.

Orchestra Registration Form Updated!

Das Rheingold/Richard Wagner/Berliner Philharmoniker/Sir Simon Rattle

We are very excited to announce that the school orchestra is returning from Friday 21st January.

Una will be back with the very talented and generous group of adult volunteers to help our children make beautiful music as as an ensemble once again.

Children in Key Stage 2 are welcome to join, provided they can play 8 notes on their instrument (different notes).

Orchestra will run from 8:00am to 8:55am and children will be sent directly to class afterwards.

The charge will be £40 per term.

More information about music activities term dates can be found here:

Free Desktop Apps for Pupils

If your child could do with access to full desktop versions of Microsoft apps (Word, Excel etc), there is a licence included with our school’s subscription.

To get the apps, go to and sign-in with your child’s email address and password. You will see a button like this:

For further instructions with images, please see this post: Download and install or reinstall Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 on a PC or Mac

Our Virtual Tour – Have a Look Inside Edmund Waller.

Do you have a child who will start school next September?

We’ve prepared a video to introduce you to our Early Years phase, and to offer a glimpse of what the rest of Edmund Waller is like. We hope to welcome you and your child soon.

If you are a prospective parent who would like to receive updates about new website content and school events, please email:

Return of the Pans!

The beautiful Caribbean sound of steel pans will return to the school from Monday 29th November with new pan groups opening to children in years 3 to 6.

They will take place every week on a Monday, both after school and during the school day. All groups are for 1 hour.


There are 3 sessions scheduled for the autumn term, 11 in the spring, and 12 for the summer terms.

Autumn Term:
29th November 2021 – 13th December 2021

Spring Term:
10th January 2022 – 28th March 2022

Summer Term:
25th April 2022 – 18th July 2022

Signing Up

Fees: £75 per term. The remainder of this term will be charged at £20.

Applications are now open until 10pm on Thursday 25th November. You will receive a confirmation of your child’s place (or a place on the waiting list) the following day.

If you would like your child to take part, please complete for form here:

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please still complete the form and get in touch with the school office.

Music Clubs

We are very happy to be able to offer Early Birds Music Club and Choir again.

Early Birds Music Club – Starting Thursday 30th September

Running each Thursday morning before school, Early Birds is a chance for beginners to start learning a new instrument in groups.

For half of the session, children learn in a group tuition class by playing level.

For the other half of the session, children have a general musicianship class which varies across the year and includes singing, rhythm work, notation exercises, improvisation and some ensemble playing.

Children are admitted at 8:00am into Rosen Hall, then split into their music tuition groups. Classes end at 8:55am and children go straight to their classrooms.

£65/term for tuition; £20/term for instrument hire

Choir – Starting Wednesday 13th October

The choir is for children in Year 4 – Year 6.

The choir performs at external events throughout the year and is suitable for any child who enjoys singing. This year, we already have the Spirit of Christmas event at Sloane Square in the diary.

Choir takes place in Lloyd Hall. Children will be sent to choir directly after school. Parents should collect their children from the main entrance on Waller Road at 4:30pm.