🔥Campfire Time🔥

A beautiful sunset and a lovely end to an action packed day.

Dinner was as well-received as the breakfast and the lunch… Fully refuelled, we are now singing songs round the fire!

The children have been fantastic all day. We have some tired humans with us and the staff are expecting a quicker bedtime tonight.

We will be up bright and early tomorrow morning for a full morning of activities, before we board the coach back to New X.

Thanks for all the positive comments – we have been sharing them with the children.

Feel free to leave some for the morning.


Mr Absolom


Build Your Own Boat!!

🙌🏼 the last raft made it across the lake!!! 🙌🏼

While some children tried hard not to get a drenching…

…Some just couldn’t resist the temptation!!

All back at the cabins, children feverishly preparing for a cabin inspection 😬😬

We will update you all on the general state of the rooms later 🙈🙈

Mr Absolom

Sun AND snow!! ⛄️

Well that was a bit of an Icy blast!! If you look carefully at the above photo you can see ❄️!!

The show goes on… Raft building has been a big hit!

We are currently having half an hour in cabins to warm up and then…. Lunch!!

Everyone is pretty hungry after the activities. Let’s hope lunch is as good as the breakfast 🍳

More phun and fotos after lunch… Did I mention food already? Mr Absolom must be hungry!!

Ms Poole ‘encouraging’ her group to paddle!!

More 4!

Hello again from Windmill Hill. Activity one done and only a couple of children who got fully dunked whilst raft building!! 💦💦

We also some successful abseilers and a couple of budding trapeze artists!!

It’s a long way down!!

More to follow after lunch…

Morning All

Good morning from a gloriously sunny Windmill Hill.
Children are all ready and raring to go after a good night’s sleep (mostly!) Last night, after the excitement of the quiz, most children settled well. All were asleep by 11pm – which is pretty good going for a Year 4 school journey.

Staff and children alike were very impressed with the breakfast – cooked options, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, juice – the works!

We are now in our four groups and out taking part in activities from raft building to abseiling.

The children are having a great time and developing their team-building skills too!

Mr Absolom is trying his best to get photos of every group and to ensure all children appear on the blog. Check back later for a further update. Remember you can leave a comment below and the staff can share these with the children.

Ready for action…

Year 4 School Journey

We are here!

welcome to the year 4 school journey blog. We know that this evenings email will have caused some disquiet, but Mr Absolom has just arrived on site and the children are having an amazing time and are all well and safe.

We will be posting pictures here to reassure you that the children are making the most of their time here.

The children have had a lovely dinner and are currently taking part in a quiz. High levels of excitement and energy!

Mr Absolom will be here with Ms. Thompson, Ms Scholl, Mr McGibbon & Ms Poole until Friday and we will keep you up to date with the children’s achievements each day.