Gate Arrangements – September & Onwards

Please find below the details for start times and arrangements for the start and finish of each school day. See you from 8:50am Friday 3rd September.

Start of the Day: 

  • All four gates (Cooke Hall, Walsham Road, Rutts Terrace, Waller Road) will be open each morning at 8.50 and they will be staffed by SLT and support staff.
  • Y1-Y6 will have a ‘soft start’. Children can come in from 8.50 but they must be in class by 9.00am.
  • Children will head straight to their classrooms, where class teachers will be present ready to greet them.
  • The gates will be locked at 9.05am.
  • Children only can access the school site in the morning (no adults in the playground)
  • Children can use any gate to enter the site
  • Nursery will start @ 8:45am using the Walsham Road Nursery Entrance.
  • The four gates will be open between 8:50am and 9:05am
  • Teaching Assistants will be stationed in the playground to ensure children get to their classrooms’ safely.

Home time:

  • Main gate will open @ 3:20pm for collection of Reception children
  • Remaining gates will open @ 3:25pm
  • Gates will be locked at 3.40pm
  • Each year group will come to a dedicated zone in the playground
  • Parents can enter and exit through the entrances shown below to collect their children from the playground
  • We will continue to encourage parents/carers to exit the site as quickly as possible.