We can’t believe the size of the sunflowers that we have grown in the nursery vegetable bed. Yesterday we noticed that one of the sunflowers was starting to wither and the petals were coming off.

We watched a time lapse film of sunflowers and found that it takes about 80 days to grow and then decay.

Today we are disecting sunflowers to find out more about them. We cut up the stem and looked inside it and then we removed the petals and had a go at cutting up the receptacle. we have been able to examine the stamen and see the different parts of it.

Motto Contender??

Be nice to everyone….

In Friday’s newsletter, Mr Absolom wrote about the work the school has been doing in reevaluating its values and identity. As part of this, we shared the gorgeous response from one of our younger learners, when asked waht we should try to be like when we are at school.

beNisto eVereoNe (sic) which is an admirable principle for these troubled times.

Thanks then to the parent who went one step further and translated this into Latin, suggesting that this might make a very good school motto:

bellum ut sit omnibus

At the doctors surgery

The children are bringing all their experiences to our role play doctors surgery this morning. lots of talk about medicine and bandages as we slowly nurse the dolls and each other back to good health.

This doll hurt herself when she fell off her scooter.
They were poorly so I was getting them better.
We are being doctors. I was checking my friend.
“She’s taking calpol. All day her is sick”
“Now I will be the doctor, we’re going to do a blood test”