Year 4 School Journey

Wow! What an amazing time Year 4 have had on their residential visit to Grosvenor Hall.

We had great luck with the weather and the kids have really pushed themselves on a wide range of activities. Their behaviour has been good and the teachers are all really proud of the effort and courage that they have displayed.

The children have had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to a final set of activities before we board the coach home.

Tri-Golf & Ultimate Frisbee Clubs

Last week, children from Years 1 -6 all took part in free workshops. They got to sample two new exciting clubs – Tri-Golf & Ultimate Frisbee

We are pleased to announce that there will be an afterschool club for each of these, starting after half-term.

The letters for the clubs are below:

Rose petal perfume

The children have been really interested in potion making in the mud kitchen, so building on this interest we set up a rose petal perfume area, using flowers and leaves along with herbal teabags. The children refined their scissor skills as they cut stems, leaves and petals, they also used their developing muscles to press and pound the mixture. They used all their senses to explore their perfumes.

Pond dipping

Following on from our reading of Tad and our exploration of all things Tadpole related, some of the children visited the school pond for a bit of pond dipping. We spent a while just looking at the still pond and identifying signs of life, and then we used nets to explore the depths of the pond. Afterwards we all agreed that it was really exciting and lots of children said they wanted to do it again.

Bubbly fun

The children really enjoy bubble play in the garden and today they were spoilt for choice as we had wands to wave bubbles from, bubble blowers and a BUBBLE MACHINE! There were bubbles everywhere and the bubble machine’s huge amour of bubbles allowed us to see the different directions that the wind was blowing in.