Nursery Get Scooting!

Nursery’s New Wheels!

Just look at those beaming smiles! Nursery would like to say a big THANK-YOU to anyone who donated a scooter this week. They are very popular and the old ones had reached the end of their working lives.

We asked in the newsletter for any donation and you responded generously. Michelle and Jo particularly love the one that has a horn built into the handle bars!!!! If you have any more scooters (or balance bikes) to donate, please bring them to either the Nursery entrance or the main gate.

Home is where the Art is…

Self Portrait – “My painting is a reflection on lock down because I was always looking at myself because of video chats. It is inspired by a painting by Frida Kahlo”

We have started receiving entries to the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show. We are really impressed with the quality of these entries, like this one from a child in Year 6.

You can read more about the show and how to enter here:

‘Sand Dunes’ by a Year 2 child – “This picture is beautiful. We got to slide down and climb up the sand dunes.  I had fun with my brothers and my cousins.  We stayed so long the moon came out and there was a beautiful sunset.” 

Please keep the work coming, a little commentary (like the very modest Year 2 child’s!!), is also very welcome.

nb – parents only need to complete a permission form for work submitted from home.

Building a wormery

The children love gathering worms at nursery. Often finding worms is like finding treasure and the children know they were they can find them in the nursery garden. Our activity of building a wormery was relatively straightforward, and resulted in a lovely home for some of our garden earthworms. We added sand and soil and then some organic material. We put six worms in and we will spend the week observing them before we release them back into the garden.

Calling all Young Artists…

Today, our Art Lead, Ms. Scholl, has written to all parents with details of the school’s participation in this year’s Royal Academy Young Artists’ Show.

All children will be creating artwork with their classes. However, you can also submit any creations made at home, via the school. |

To do so, you will need to complete a permission form and photos of the artwork. The Royal Academy have created a handy ‘how to’ guide for photographing your child’s artwork. This, and the permission form, are available to download below.

Once completed, please send the photos and permission form to:

Comic Relief 2021

Gallery coming soon…..

Hi all,

Just to let you know that, in the way of a little light relief, comes Comic Relief 2021.

The school will be joining the fun and can dress up this Friday – 19th March. We will be writing with more details soon.

If you would like to make a donation then there is an option on all parents’ ParentPay accounts to donate to Comic Relief. All the proceeds go directly to this good cause.

Tomato tasting

Having planted our tomato seeds on Monday, and made observational drawings yesterday, today we have been finding out all about tomatoes, looking at them closely, comparing them and finally tasting them. We’re learning new vocabulary such as stalk, vine, seeds, flesh and skin. We’ve got plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and large vine tomatoes 🍅. I wonder which will be the most popular?

Topic (otherwise untitled)

Taiga class working wall (note the Darwin corner)

Our Topic is evolution. Charles Darwin (a lá head honcho) is our main man, the guy who discovered it. At first, people thought he was ri-diculous. In truth, he was frightening them with the novelty of his discoveries. But in fact, he was completely correct! Unfortunately, this was the time when everyone believed the bible,and no-one was open to his ideas.

Skulls of animals long since dead.

We have studied fossils to give us an idea of what came before the animals we see today.