*Local Statue Damaged – UPDATE*

*UPDATE – Equiano’s head found!*

News has reached us of the vandalism of a local landmark. The statue commemorated the contribution of Olaudah Equiano, to the abolition of slavery in Britain. Unfortunately, part of the statue has been removed – local parents and children have been seen looking in Telegraph Hill Park for the missing parts. Our very own, Mr. Hudson has offered to pull on his waders and get in the pond!

This statue was, in part, created by former pupils here at Edmund Waller. Watch this fabulous (if somewhat dated!) video for some footage of the statue being created and unveiled.

We are currently looking into how we can help restore the statue. Hopefully using this opportunity to correct a historical accuracy about what Equiano would have looked like.

Making Easter Nests

Today there was a delicious smell of chocolate at nursery as we made Easter nests. We used milk chocolate and shredded wheat. The children had to crumble the shredded wheat and snap the chocolate. During this activity we found out all about chocolate and what happens to it when you heat it up.

After we counted out the cake cases we shared the mixture out and then we used our knowledge of counting to count out 4 mini eggs from a larger amount. Finally we placed an Easter chick on top and put them in the fridge to set. Yum yum

Excitement at the school gate

Today, there was a noisy visitor outside our gate. Some workmen were chopping down a big poplar tree and the children watched and listened as the noisy chipper cut the branches up into tiny pieces.

We also listened to the sound of the chainsaws and we watched as the large pieces of trunk were loaded onto the truck. One of the children commented that it sounded like thunder.

Year 1 Guest Visitors – again!

Oooh, its that time of year when the Year 1 team get the most out of their egg puns!

So, we are egg-cited to announce that you can join in from anywhere on the planet as we wait, egg-spectantly, for something quite magical to happen to the eggs, which were delivered to school yesterday.

We have set up a webcam so that you can check in on the progress of the eggs at any time, day and night. With so many of you at home, the link below has never been more useful.

Please keep checking this page as the YouTube link can be broken, and we may need to replace it from time-to-time.

Planting seeds

We’re really excited about the arrival of spring, especially as it means we can really get going with our topic “the great outdoors”. Soon we will have a new raised bed so that the children can grow lots of healthy vegetables. In preparation for this we have been busy planting seeds. So far we have planted peas, runner beans, courgettes, broad beans and tomatoes. We’ve been talking lots about eating vegetables and keeping healthy. Plus Theres been lots of opportunities to count out amounts and to develop ideas about sharing equally.