Edmund Waller’s Trees : )

“A tree is a passage between earth and sky.” – The Overstory – R. Powers.

A recurring theme in our recent whole school assemblies has been trees. From stories of Buddha to Newton’s discovery of gravity, the tales of trees and humans have been interwoven throughout the last half term.

As part of this, the children of Edmund Waller were offered the chance to design a tree that represented their school.

Thanks for all of the entries – click the link below to see what has been created so far.

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back and we hope you all managed to get some rest over the half-term holidays. We are very hopeful that this half term will see a bit of a return to normality. Fingers crossed.

The media is full of speculation about the full return to school in March. Currently, we have no more information than is available to the general public. There will be more information this evening and we will be writing to parents as soon as we have any official news.


Senior Leadership Team

Parent Teacher Meetings – How to Join

We’ve been delighted to see the hundreds of bookings for our online parent consultations coming in. The teachers are all looking forward to catching up with you.

The time you selected when you booked the appointment will be the time you are allocated. We will be posting the list of times within the class teams (see below) on Thursday afternoon.

Hopefully you all know by now that meeting will take place on Teams, and you will need to log on using your child’s account details.

Open the Microsoft Teams app on your device of choice. If you don’t have it, you can get it for free here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-teams/download-app

Select your child’s class team (e.g. REC – FOREST)

The meeting is listed in the General channel in the Posts section, e.g. “Forest Class Parent Consultations”. If meeting are in progress, there will be a purple block stating “Meeting Now”

Click “Join”.

The next screen allows you to turn you camera an microphone on. Please do.

Again, you will need to click “Join now“. You will be admitted when your time slot begins.

For help with logging on to Teams for the first time and getting to the right place, take a look at this video:


Join a few minutes early to allow for tech hiccups. Meetings must finish on time, even if they start late.

The meeting will not be in year group teams; they will take place in class teams. example: Not Year 4, but 4 SAVANNAH.

At the end of your meeting, please press the red button the leave:

See you soon!

Book swaps!

We are offering families the opportunity to collect books from school next week. You may take a few so your children can read over the half-term break.

If you would like to change books for your child, please come to the main reception at the times below. Please place the book your child currently has in the box provided at reception.

9:00 – 11:0013:30 – 15:30
Monday 8th FebYear 3Reception
Tuesday 9th FebYear 5Year 1
Wednesday 10th FebYear 4
Thursday 11th FebYear 6Year 2

Mental Health Week

One of the most welcome and significant shifts in recent times has been the one surrounding our attitudes towards mental health. Also, with the current restrictions, there has never been a more important time to have open and supportive conversations regarding our children’s mental well being.

Below is a special assembly to celebrate the start of this important week:

This week is Mental Health week, there are a whole host of resources available via the webiste:


Suggested Timetables

This morning, you will find suggested timings for your child’ school day, for years 2 and upwards available in the Year Group Team.

We appreciate that the amount of work coming from school can feel overwhelming BUT we have been directed by the Department for Education to provide 3 -5 hours of work a day!

We want to make it very clear that, other than Teams/Zooms etc., the timings here are purely a suggestion as to how you might structure your day – there is no compulsion to adhere to them, we fully understand that there will be days when this simply doesn’t happen ; )