Being a Teams Player

Thanks for all of your support in helping us launch live teaching so successfully this week. Inevitably the children have been exploring the functionality including the chat functions.

We had anticipated a few ill-considered comments, as the children begin to feel at home in their new virtual learning spaces. We would like to reassure parents that all chat is being monitored, with polite messages reminding children about the protocols. When needed, we have also been telephoning any children (or their parents/carers) to ensure that the exemplary conduct we see in school is seen in these virtual classrooms.

A huge thanks to Ms. Davis for creating the document below to help remind us of the way we should behave in Teams lessons.

Remote Learning Offer

It is a requirement for all schools to publish their remote learning offer. This is a document that outlines a schools approach to remote learning. This covers the provision that the school makes for children when they are not on site.

At the moment this applies to the majority of children as we are in a period of lockdown. The document also covers what the school will do if an individual or group of individuals are not in school (i.e. due to self-isolation etc.)

Wh@@ps (Whoops!)

We keep talking about the inevitable hitches and glitches that lay ahead as move to live teaching via Microsoft Teams. Well, the first (of many) such glitches is within the login details that you will be receiving today.

All of the usernames sent out contain two @ symbols within the email address, for example:

Using the address as its written will not work : ( However, the solution is very simple – please use the given email address but one @ symbol only:


We apologise for not spotting this error before sending out and thank you, in advance, for your support in fixing it!

#Hashtag Snag

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Over the next 2 days you will receive your login for your child’s Microsoft Teams account. This will allow them to participate in live teaching, upload work and enjoy other resources. Whilst we are very excited about this, we have been made aware of a potential issue that could prevent you from accessing the accounts. 

There is a slight disconnect between the automated London Grid For Learning (lgfl) system that generates the passwords (mostly 6/7 characters long) and Microsoft Teams system which needs an 8 character password… 

Therefore, most children have 6/7 character passwords, which, unaltered, will not allow them to access Teams! Never fear, there is a work around – we need the children to make the rest of the password length up to 8 characters, using #hashtagsto fill the missing spaces: 

paint5 (6 characters – including the numeral) becomes paint5## 

crayon8 (7 characters – including the numeral) becomes crayon8# 

If the password is 8 characters (or more) long, then you do not need to make any changes. 

This information is included in the letter that contains the passwords, but we wanted to signpost it as clearly and loudly as possible, to avoid any frustration and confusion. 


Mr Absolom

Counting Down to Teaching @ Home!

Coming soon to a living room near you – a real life teacher!

You should be receiving your child’s login details for their Microsoft Teams accounts over the next two days (Thurs/Fri). These will be in an email so keep your eyes peeled!

We will be writing to all parents about when and how these sessions will take place. All documents – excluding logins – will be available via this website as well.


Year 3 Violin is Back!

Whole class violin lessons are returning next week.

Our Lewisham Music tutor, Mrs Plummer, will be in on Wednesday afternoon to teach the bubbles and the best news – children at home won’t miss out!

Year 3 children who are at home can join in online. Access details will be sent the day before the session.

If you need a violin to use at home, you may borrow one free of charge. Simply add your details to this quick form:

Violins will be available to collect between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on Monday 18th January. Please come to the main entrance to collect between those times.

Assemblies – 9:30am Every Day

We have an assembly or PE session every weekday morning until further notice. All start at 9:30am.

We try to make content appropriate for certain year groups, but everyone is welcome to all the assemblies. It is lovely to start the day seeing you all!

Monday – Morning Assembly with Ms Rennie (Whole School)

Tuesday – PE with Miss Poole (EYFS/KS1)

Wednesday – Singing with Mr Barrett (EYFS/KS1)

Thursday – PE with Miss Poole (KS2)

Friday – Singing with Mr Barrett (KS2)

Reception Home Learning Win!

Thank you so much for continuing to share your child’s learning with us via the EYFS email. We are so impressed with the quality and quantity of learning that you are managing at home. Well done everyone!

We thought that you might like to see this amazing piece of animation made by Ursha following our speech bubble activity. We think you’ll agree it really shows that children can grasp technology better than some adults! 

Need Help with Tech?

We want to make sure every child can learn remotely.

If you have no fixed broadband at home and do not have enough mobile data to take part in Zoom sessions and remote learning activities, please let us know using the form below. There may be government help available.

If you are in difficulty because your children do not have a laptop or tablet to use, there is a section on the form for this, too . We will do our best to help those in the most need.

Please complete the form HERE.