Rainbow Bridge

Our Year 3 and Year 4 classes were involved in a project to improve our local environment by helping to decorate a local footbridge.

Ms. Scholl, our Art lead, organised participating in the project and was on hand to help out. The children really enjoyed taking part and were a credit to the school.

Here are a few photos of the children hard at work. There was also a photographer documenting this and we will add some more photos next week.

Reception – Out of This World!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast Off!

Forest and Woodland classes looked ‘out of this world’ incredible yesterday. The children took part in an Astronaut Day as part of their Space topic.

The children had been encouraged to come dressed ready for their adventure and they responded with all kinds of rocket packs, space helmets, foil suits and many other crazy creations!

They were met at the gate by Alien staff and spent the day making slime, launching rockets and even took part in a virtual workshop, hosted by the Greenwich Planetarium. They all had a blast!

Forest Class Assembled on the Launch Pad!
Woodland Class awaiting their space mission!

Bird seed cakes

Because it’s starting to get colder and there are no berries for the birds we decided to open up conversations about winter and wildlife by making seed cakes. We love to watch the birds that visit he nursery garden and hopefully the seed cakes will encourage more birds to come .

We explored the ingredients and learnt about some of the things that birds like to eat.

Then we prepared the string and the cake cases so that it would all be held together.

Next we mixed all the ingredients together and squashed it into seed cakes.

Once we had formed the cakes we put them in a cold place, the fridge and then when they were ready we hung them in the tree.

Afterwards we drew some pictures of birds that might come to our garden!