Visitors Guidelines

follow the guidelines on blackboard

Whilst we are trying to keep the number of adults visiting the school to an absolute minimum, we recognise there are times when parents/carers may need to access the school site.

This can only be done by prior agreement, either by contacting the school office for an appointment, or, when the school contacts a parent/carer directly. In both instances, we ask that you take a moment to read over the guidelines for visiting the school.

You can also consult our Visitors Policy, which can be found in the ‘policies’ section of the school website.

Every Mind Matters – NHS

As the children get to grips with returning to school, we have made ‘well-being’ a key focus. There is a wealth of resources available to help support families with, what can be, difficult conversations.

This resource, created by the NHS is one such resource. Have an explore and see how it might help your whole family through the transition back to school life.