🌈 They’re growing!

Here is today’s caterpillar update. They are getting much bigger and also they’ve slowed down. They’re not wriggling about as much.

This is a close up shot. You can see that the caterpillars body is split into parts and that they have many legs.

Can you see that they’ve eaten lots of the food that was in their pot, and they’ve spun lots of silky webs.

The little black bits are were they’ve shedded parts of their body.

I wonder why they’ve stopped wriggling so much. Why do you think this might be?

Here’s my caterpillar diary for today…..

I also notice that they like to be at the top of the pot. I wonder why?

Did you listen to the very hungry caterpillar being read by the author Eric Carle. Can you remember any of the things that the caterpillar eats?

You could have a go at drawing your own very hungry caterpillar. Or you could use card, tissue paper and glue.

I didn’t have any green tissue paper in my fun pack so I used purple instead.

You will need to use scissors to cut out some ovals to make the caterpillars body (abdomen) And then you can choose a different colour for its face and feet.

Don’t forget to send in your caterpillar creations to homelearning@edmundwaller.lewisham.sch.uk 🐛

🌈 Caterpillars day 2

Today we are looking for any changes. You might notice that the caterpillars have grown, but they are still quite small.

Can you see the silky strands of web in the pot? Here’s some information about this

Here’s some information about how long it will take and what the little black bits are in the pot.

“Your caterpillars will eat, spin silk and grow for approximately 7 to 10 days before changing into chrysalides. If your environment is hot and humid, your caterpillars will develop more quickly. During this incredible period of growth, they will shed their exoskeletons four times and grow more than 10 times their original size!”

Wow so they are going to grow much much bigger. I better do the second day of my caterpillar diary quickly then.

Now I look back I can see that they are already much bigger. I can also see their legs more clearly.

I wonder if they like the hot weather and that’s why they’ve grown so much.

Can you think of any stories that you might know about a caterpillar?

This is the one that I was thinking of. It’s Eric Carle reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar! If you know it you could join in.

🌈 An exciting arrival

The summer is always the time when we spend lots of time exploring living things in the garden and thinking about life cycles. We would be watching our plants grow and mature, and noticing all the mini beasts that visit our garden. With this in mind a package arrived for us today..

I wonder what’s inside? Are there any clues on the box?

It says butterfly garden. I wonder if there are butterflies inside. Let’s open it and see.

I can’t see any butterflies but there’s a pot with something wriggling around. Let’s have a look

Can you see them. They’re tiny and black and they move quite fast. Do you know what they are?

That’s right. They are tiny caterpillars

Let’s take a closer look….

Can you see all five of the caterpillars? 1 2 3 4 5

I wonder what the brown sludgy stuff is at the bottom of the pot?

What do you think it is. It looks like they’re eating it. I think it’s their food.

Apparently it’s mashed up nettles.

Here’s the link to find out more information and to answer any questions that you might have.


Now, looking closely, how about we make a caterpillar diary so that we can remember how much they’ve changed.

If you fold a piece of paper into four and then draw a cup, with the food inside, then you can draw the five tiny caterpillars

Here’s mine….

I’m going to keep a caterpillar diary and share it with you each day so that,together we can watch the caterpillars grow and change.

🌈 A scavenger hunt in Errol’s Garden

Did you listen to the story about Errol? I wonder what you liked about it. Did you have favourite illustration or a favourite part of the story.

Shall we have a scavenger hunt inside the story. You will have to look at the pictures from the story yesterday.

I’m going to show you some parts of the illustrations and you need to hunt for them in the story….

These are called secateurs

Can you find them in the story.

What are they used for?

Can you find this guitar?

I found it three times. Can you

Can you find this picture?

I’ll give you a clue. It’s on a rooftop. Which rooftop do you,like the best?

Do you know what this plant is called?

Have you ever smelled it?

Can you find this wheelbarrow?

Why do you think they’re using a wheelbarrow?

I bet you noticed these!

Hmmm… I wonder how many people help Errol to make his community garden. Can you count everybody? Can you find the baby?

I wonder what they’re going to use this bucket for. What do you think?

Can you remember what floor Errol lives on?

Can you discover where the water is coming from?

What different things does Errol grow his plants in. Can you name them. Can you find the tea pot?

Happy hunting.. maybe you want to listen to the story again. Or you could have. Go at looking closely at the pictures and using them to retell the story

Joining in the Online Summer Celebration (guide tracks now added)

As you will know by now, our usual Summer Celebration will be replaced by an online event – a way of connecting at the end of the year and wishing each other a healthy, happy summer.

The Idea

Amongst some other items, we are aiming to create something like this for each year group:

Your child’s year group will have a song and hopefully, they will have learned it at home and during Zoom rehearsals.

We hope that lots of you will take part. Below you can view, play and download the lyrics and guide tracks for your child’s year group. At the bottom of the table, you can find the whole school songs.

Guide Tracks and Lyrics

Year GroupLyricsGuide Track
Rec Space Oddity Lyrics Space Oddity (guide)
Year 1Dinosaur Song LyricsDinosaur Song (guide)
Year 2Fire! Songs Lyrics Fire! Songs (guide)
Year 3In the Mood Lyrics In the Mood (guide)
Year 4Let Me Take You To Rio Lyrics

Samba Players’ Information
Let Me Take You To Rio (guide)
Year 5Hail Caesar! Lyrics
(children sing the whole thing)
Hail Caesar! (guide)
(children sing the whole thing)
Year 6Walk Like an Egyptian LyricsWalk Like an Egyptian (guide)
ALL ClassesI’m Coming Out Lyrics
Dance your socks off – you and your children!
Space Oddity Lyrics
I’m Coming Out (guide)
Dance your socks off – you and your children!
Space Oddity (guide)

For this to work, we need you to capture your child’s performance at home, and then send it to us. We will then combine the recordings from each year group.


We encourage children to have as much fun as possible creating the videos, dressing up, singing, dancing. Make it enjoyable. There is no pressure to sound perfect. Teachers will have given guidance in home learning.

Playing and Recording

  1. Download and play the guide track above for you child’s year group on one device (device A), making sure your child knows the song.
  2. Find a quiet place with good light to make the recording.
  3. Use a separate device (device B) to record the performance. This should be whichever device has the best camera.
  4. In order to sing in time and in tune, your child will need to hear the music playing from device A through earphones while they perform.

The resulting video should not include the backing music.

Tip: Record close to your child to avoid having too much echo in the room. This tends to improve the overall sound.

If your child’s performance includes dance, it may be best to record an audio/sound file (voice note) separately. Please send both files in the same way.

Naming Videos (very important)

Please rename your files before sending (ChildName_class_song). It will really help the editing process.





Due to the large size of video files, you may need to use a service such as WeTransfer, Gdrive,  OneDrive or Dropbox. If you have problems with sending your video, it would be very helpful to us if you would ask friends for support, only contacting the school as a last resort.

If you are able to choose the subject line of the email you send, please include the same information as the file name.

Please send files by Sunday 28th June to:


The above email address is a shared mailbox which will be monitored for submissions only.

The Event – 7pm, Monday 20th July

The event will be a live, free, publicly viewable stream on the internet. Feel free to invite family and friends to watch. The link to the stream will be shared nearer the time and will be posted on the school website.

NB: We will treat your sending of video and audio files as consent to use your child’s image and performance in this way. For this reason, we ask that you send the file from your own email account, and not that of your child.

🌈 Errol’s garden 🌻

It’s story time it’s story time shhh…. listen with your ears and look with your eyes, hands in your lap ready for the story. It’s story time it’s story time. Let’s listen to Errols Garden by Gillian Hibbs

Here is the blurb for this lovely new book…

Errols love’s gardening, but t he doesn’t have a real garden. Although his home is full of beautiful plants, he longs for an outdoor space where he can grow things.

A chance discovery leads to a solution, but Errol can’t do everything on his own. Luckily, help is at hand.

A heartwarming and inclusive tale about how one small boys dream of a garden unites a diverse community in a positive and enriching experience for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this story. I wonder what you would grow in your own garden if you could start from scratch like Errol did.

You could make your own garden plan, if you fold a piece of paper up then you can draw all the things you’d like to grow in your garden

🌈 Hammering!

This activity will need a good deal of adult supervision but is a really good way to develop hand eye co ordination, as well as strengthening hand muscles.

You will need some bottle tops, some nails, a smallish or lightweight hammer and a length of timber. If you don’t have any timber you could use a tree stump.

We’ve done some woodwork at nursery so some of the children have an awareness of how to hold the hammer and how to tap the nail in.

If you make the holes in the bottle tops then children can then hold the bottle top to tap the nail in. They should start slowly then they can build up to some strong hammering. by holding the bottle top they’re able to keep the nail steady without hurting their fingers.

One of the areas of the physical development curriculum is concerned with children using tools carefully so most children have an awareness this.

If you don’t feel like letting them lose with a real hammer, there’s always tap tap which has similar benefits.

And here’s a link to little rabbit foo foo, all about a rabbit who doesn’t use his tools safely!

🌈 Self portraits

One of the ways we can see children’s development is by asking them to draw themselves. We do a self portrait every few weeks and the last ones were done in February. Here are the majority of them.

They aren’t named but hopefully you’ll recognise your own child’s unique style. It would be great to see some more self portraits.

Children might need support to organise their drawing. suggestions about where to start, what they’ll need to draw their face. They might need to look in the mirror first.

We’d love to see your drawings. Please send them to homelearning@edmundwaller.lewisham.sch.uk 😀

Rehearsal Tracks

These are NOT the backing tracks to use for your recordings. These are to help with learning the songs. The tracks for recording will be posted by Wednesday evening and you’ll get an email. It is important that everyone uses the correct track for the recording, or we’ll all be singing out of time!

Whole School – Space Oddity

Whole School – I’m Coming Out

Year 1 – Dinosaur Song

Year 2 – Fire Songs

The Pepys Report
Run to the Water
London’s Burning

Year 3 – “In the Mood” (from 1:20)

Year 4 – “Let Me Take You To Rio” (learn Chorus only)

Year 5 – “Hail Caesar” (chorus only)

Year 6 – “Walk Like an Egyptian”