🌈More or less

In nursery, one of the things that children are asked to do is to look at two groups of objects and to state which has more or less or the same…

Here’s a game to help children to do this. Children sometimes find it hard to identify ‘the same’ when comparing numbers

You need some small objects and something to put them in

I’m using cake cases and Pom poms

You’ll also need a dice

Roll the dice and count out the amount

Roll again and count out that amount

Now you can say which has more and which has less

I bet some children could write this out as a number sentence

Or other children might be able to match the quantity with the number.

Have fun!

🌈A teddy bears picnic with some adding up too. 🧸 Perfect for a rainy day…

All you will need is 4 teddies or even a couple of octopuses 🐙

Four plates and a bowl of beans or raisins,or even buttons ( You just need lots so you can count them out). If you have some tweezers that might be good and some number cards. You could make your own if you don’t have any. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Here are my four teddies! But you could use dolls or other characters.

The teddies take a turn to take a number card. What number did the teddy choose?

Now it’s your turn to count out that number of beans. You might want to use tweezers to pick up the beans to make it even trickier.

Then every teddy has another turn to pick a number.

When every teddy has picked two numbers you can count the beans and see which teddy is the winner. The winner is the teddy that has the most. You could play a few times.

I hope your teddies enjoy their picnic 🧺

Little Spotted Visitor

We have a noisy little visitor in the playground. Can you spot it in the video below?

Mr Slack managed to capture some video of it on his phone. If you are patient and look carefully, you will see it.

Mrs Shaw knew what it was straight away. “It’s called a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker”, she said.

We checked. She was right.

But then our resident ornithologist, Mr Hudson, assured us that it is a greater spotted- and not lesser spotted – woodpecker.

Now we don’t know what to think. Can anyone help?

Football Crazy

Miss Boxall reads “Football Crazy” by Colin McNaughton.

Bruno is mad about football, but he has just moved to a new city and must pluck up the courage to ask Tex’s Tigers to let him try out for the team. He finds himself a reserve for the big match on Saturday. Can Bruno save the day?

Published January 1st 2005 by Matthew Price Ltd. (first published January 1st 1982)

Original Title: Football Crazy

ISBN 184248169X (ISBN13: 9781842481691)

Edition Language: English

🌈What is blossom?

Have you seen the lovely blossom in the trees. If you can, pick a little bit to have a look at closely, or you might even find a stem on the ground.

This blossom has a sweet smell, white petals and yellow pollen.

I’m going to dissect (take it apart) it to find out more…..

The pollen is inside the petals and this is what needs to be cross pollinated by bees so that it can start to grow into fruit.

Once the petals fall away the ovaries start to swell and this becomes the fruit. This film on you tube shows how the ovary swells to become the fruit.


Can you do a drawing of the blossom? Remember to look really closely and only draw what you can see.

Or you could use a straw and some watery paint to make a cherry blossom picture. You need to slow the paint across the paper. Then you could dab the cherry blossom on using your fingertips or scrunch up tissue paper like this.


In nursery our topic this half term is let’s get digging. We always love having a dig around in the garden and worms are definitely our treasure. If you have a garden or outside space, could you go on a mini-beast hunt and see if you could find some worms. Remember that if you lift up plant pots you might find things living underneath.

When you’ve found a mini beast you could use a magnifying glass to look more closely.

You could use this mini beast classification sheet to find out what your mini beast is.

Remember to carefully return the mini beasts to where you found them.

No wood lice we’re harmed in the making of this blog! 🐞

🌈 🌼More fun with dandelions🌼

Did you pick some dandelions yesterday? Well the good news is there’s even more outside today. If you manage to pick some more you could use them to make some art. You could arrange them in a pattern like I have. And then you could try a different arrangement.

Look how vibrant they are when you put them together in a bunch.

If you have some paints you could do an observational painting. In not, you could use your colouring pens to draw the dandelions.

Remember if you have picked dandelions in a park or along the road you’ll need to wash your hands after you’ve finished playing with them. Happy designing 🌼