Magic beans

Can you make a set of magic beans?

You need 10 beans and something to colour them with

Paint all ten the beans one colour on one side and then turn them over and paint the other side.

Now you should have ten beans that are all painted on both sides in two different colours.

Now… this game is all about counting and knowing that the total stays the same.

Toss the beans and see how many land blue side up and how many land orange side up. You could keep a tally to see which colour is the winner.

Most children will need to count all of them to understand the total doesn’t change.

This game will also help children begin to know their number bonds.


Speaking of buttons… you can have a lot of fun with buttons… sorting them is just one activity.

How would you sort these buttons?

Like this?

How have I sorted them?

Or like this…

Can you see how I’ve sorted them this time?

Can you work out where should I put these 4 buttons?

Did you solve it?

Developing fine motor skills

This activity is a great way to develop co-ordination and build hand strength.

All you need is some thread a large tapestry needle and some cardboard.

Parent supervision 😀 needed of course!

Start by asking your parent to thread the needle and then tie a knot at one end of the thread.

Now push the needle through the cardboard and pull the needle till the knot stops it from moving

Now turn the card over and push the needle back through to make a stitch

Keep going. See if you can make nice small stitches.

Notes for parents/carers.

Try and resist making the hole for your child… it might be that you need to help push the needle through initially as it’s harder than it looks.

Support your child to turn the cardboard over after each stitch otherwise you’ll end up with a knotty tangle! If you have some buttons you could sew them on too. Happy sewing


Mix together….

2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of oil

Some food colouring

4 teaspoons of cream of tartar

And 2 cups of boiling hot water

Mix with a spoon

Knead it for 5 mins

…have fun playing with it!

If you don’t have food colour use some spices like cinnamon or even cocoa

If you don’t have cream of tartar I think you can bicarbonate of soda

Exploring the endless possibilities of play dough

Finding the Work…

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