2MH’s educational visit to Whitstable

Hello everyone,

What a wonderful day 2MH had in Whitstable last Friday!

On 21st June, 2MH took the coach to Whitstable on the Kent coast as part of our topic work ‘Let’s Explore’ to compare and contrast life by the seaside with the that of the town and countryside.

It was a glorious sunny morning when we arrived at Whitstable ready for our exciting day of learning and discovery. First of all we wandered through the fish market and looked at the boats in the harbour before sitting on the beach and recording our first impressions of the seaside.

After this, we sketched a wooden-shuttered seafront house and then walked along beside the pebble beach until we reached a quiet place to sit and have our lunch. After skimming pebbles in the sea, we had a paddle in the water, made sandcastles and played games on the beach.

Finally, we walked further along the coastline and sketched the beach huts along the front before heading back to the coach to return to school.

It was a fantastic and very memorable day and everyone was really well-behaved. Many, many thanks to our parent/carer helpers who accompanied us on the visit … your help was greatly appreciated!

Mrs Mooney