Self Isolation and Beyond!

While there is no official word on school closure and, with a growing number of families who are ‘self-isolating, we are trying to be proactive and look ahead to the challenges this presents.

Our contingency plan was that learning tasks would be posted on the Year Group pages within the school website. We realise this is imperfect as it does not allow for feedback or collaborative work. As a result, we are, as a matter of urgency, looking at alternative ways of working virtually. This seems a positive idea to work on and develop, irrespective of any move to close schools.  We will keep you posted of any developments via email and this website.

Due to the fluid nature of the situation and the number of absent children, we are bringing our contingency plan forwards and, as of tomorrow (18.03.20), there will be at least one home learning task posted daily per year group – these can be accessed by any of our families who are currently ‘self-isolating’. The number of tasks will be increased should there be a significant change to the school’s ability to remain open. Of course, the tasks are open to all learners, so should anyone feel the need to do extra homework then, please, go ahead ; )

6 thoughts on “Self Isolation and Beyond!”

  1. Great to see the school thinking creatively about this. Really commend you – and encourage you to keep thinking outside the box!

  2. Thanks – we also welcome any suggestions from members of our School Community.

    Here’s hoping that calm, sanity and consideration of all our health prevails.

  3. Great to have a connection with school through this time of self isolation. We have found this helpful too… lots of fun approaches to maths in particular. They are offering free access to their resources in support of homeschooling.

  4. Thanks for these – used them today.

    One idea we had here that worked well with kids of different ages was to get a piece of paper and cut in into small rectangles, write a number on each rectangle, then pick two at random and do maths. The younger child used the numbers to do addition / subtraction and the older one did multiplication / division. Kept them entertained for 20 mins!

  5. Great, thoughtful website. Nice to see a bit of Escher too. 🙂 Will keep checking in to keep up with the helpful ideas. Much appreciated.

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