Biome Videos – Year 5 & 6

This term, each class has made a short video to showcase their learning about their new class name. This year, each class is named after a different biome or habitat that can be found on planet earth. This was used as a focus for the children’s learning as they returned to education after, what was for many, an extended time away from the school.

Our hope is that by creating a common theme across the school we are raising awareness of the rich diversity of the planet, highlighting some of the threats -mostly man made – that these habitats face and, within the school, creating connectivity and shared values. All this in a time when coming together as a school has never been more difficult to do and, at the same time, never been more important.

We hope you enjoy watching them as much as the children did making them!

Coral Class (Year 5)

Estuary Class (Year 5)

Marine Class (Year 5)

Taiga Class (Year 6)

Tundra Class (Year 6)

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