🌈 making a fan!

Just in case the weather warms up I thought you might like to make a fan to help keep cool.

You’ll need some lolly sticks, paper, tape and some pens.

Start by folding the paper, turning it over and folding again. Make sure you crease it properly.

Keep folding all the way to the end.

Now flatten the paper and draw some pictures. I’m drawing things to do with hot days like lollipops. I’ve also written some CVC words. Hot, sun and fan. Pop is also a CVC word. Can you write any more words. Don’t forget to write your name on your fan.

Last of all use two lollipop sticks and attach them to the fan using tape. This is how to make the handle.

In case you haven’t got any I put lots of lolly sticks in your craft pack.

Now all we need is some sunny hot weather!

2 thoughts on “🌈 making a fan!”

  1. Caden really enjoyed making a fan today we wanted to upload a couple pictures to show you how hes doing but there doesnt seem to be anywhere we can upload pictures on the website but all in all he had fun.

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